The purpose of the information on this web site is to demonstrate to members that the American Legal System, while increasingly complex, can be understood, even if you have no legal background. Further, the information provided here will show you how to respond to everyday consumer problems, how to understand more complicated legal issues, how to avoid being taken advantage of, and how to actually win your case, if someone tries to take advantage of you.

Like millions of Americans, you have probably had some type of problem that involved the American Legal System. Typical legal problems range from completing credit applications to handling a minor property damage claim from a car accident.

Like millions of Americans, you will have to make a decision to either handle the problem yourself, or to call a lawyer. This decision almost always revolves around the cost, or what you think the cost will be, of hiring a lawyer.

Like millions of Americans, you will probably decide not to hire a lawyer to help you with a consumer problem. The reason is that it may cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to resolve a problem that may not be worth the attorneys' fees.

Unlike millions of Americans, by using this special guide, you will have the confidence to confront consumer problems, take preventative measures to avoid common legal pitfalls which may later cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, and to protect your rights. You will also be able to help your attorney help you in more complicated matters, by educating yourself about the basics of your matter before meeting with your attorney.


Preventative law is a simple concept, and it basically means handling a legal problem before it actually ever becomes a problem, or once a legal problem does arise, taking immediate steps to stamp it out of your life. Understanding and using this preventative concept will enable you to take steps to either prevent legal problems from ever happening, or if they do, to prevent them from costing you thousands of dollars.

This web site focuses on common areas of law in which you can learn how to prevent legal problems, and includes a discussion of consumer problems, such as auto repair, contracts, credit problems and other consumer issues. We also discuss various documents, like wills, trusts and powers of attorney, that can help you avoid lengthy court proceedings and ways to be sure that your family will be provided for in case of the unexpected.

This information is not designed to be a substitute for lawyers. Lawyers can be valuable aids in certain areas. The problem with using them in the consumer area, is that the consumer problem is generally worth significantly less value than the cost of using an attorney. That is why we created this guide, so that you can save money, but still get help in this area.

It should be noted, however, that in many instances your problem will require the expertise of a lawyer. Never hesitate to contact a lawyer. Usually, if you need a lawyer, you are already going to spend money, so it is best not to further complicate the issue. You might be surprised about the cost, particularly if you are a member of the Family Legal Access Plan. You can always call 800-382-2377 for details if you need the services of one of our Plan Lawyers.

We encourage members to call any time they think a legal problem might be developing. The earlier, the better. This is the real purpose for the free consultation benefit, to find out what you can do right away to keep small problems from turning into huge ones. Our plan is designed to give you easy access to plan attorneys so that you can practice preventative measures without being deterred by the fear of large legal bills.

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