Due to the amount of extensive information covering many legal topics, this site may at first seem a bit overwhelming. This guide will help you familiarize yourself with the organization of our site so that you may use it more effectively.

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A word about legal information on this site.
Although we have provided information on many different topics on this site, many are far too complicated or too state-specific to discuss here. If you do not find what you are looking for, you may wish to call our Customer Service Center for a referral to a Plan Attorney for a free consultation. Many legal issues require a Plan Attorney versed in state and local laws. We encourage members to discuss any matter with a Plan Attorney after reviewing the information provided here. This is not meant to be a substitute for legal advice from an attorney. The law is very complicated and even one seemingly insignificant fact in your situation can dramatically change the outcome of your issue or the steps needed to prevent it from becoming a problem.

The information on this site is organized into various libraries described below. Some information appears in multiple locations when it is relevant to the topic. Do not feel that you need to scan each library for information related to your topic. It is usually located together and may link to other articles on related topics. To find out which library best suits your needs, you may wish to review the short descriptions of each and decide which best describes your purpose.

The Law in Your Life - A collection of articles on common legal issues organized by the area of your life affected by the legal issue: Family, Credit, Property, Contracts, Healthcare, Taxes, Estate Planning, Consumer Rights, Small Claims and General Topics.

Elder Care - The need for help with issues facing adult children responsible for caring for their aging parents had grown tremendously in recent years. We have gathered all the information related to this topic from other libraries on this site into one central area for ease of access.

Small Claims and Consumer Help - This section contains short articles that walk you through small claims matters and information on some specific types of consumer problems like warranties, small claims issues like neighbor disputes and credit issues like collections.

Family Health Legal Library - This library was developed to educate members on legal issues that many people do not think about until a medical emergency occurs and it is too late to prevent complicated legal proceedings. Here you will find detailed discussions about Wills, Trusts, and various health related documents like Living Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney. By reading the discussions in this library you can make sense of all the different options available- documents many people have heard of, but few understand the differences. You will have a better understanding of what documents you and your family should have in place.

Domestic Violence - This is a growing problem and we feel that information is the best weapon, and must be easy to find. Information in other sections of this site is intended only for members and their dependants, however, please share the information here with anyone close to you, who you think might be struggling with this problem.

Legal Document Library - This is the place to go for simple legal documents that many people need in everyday situations. These documents can be printed and used if they are applicable to your situation. Please be sure to follow the instructions carefully and consult with a Plan Attorney if you are unsure about how to complete a document.

Anatomy of a Case - Most people do not know what to expect once they are involved in a lawsuit. This section details the steps involved in a typical case and explains many of the questions that clients typically have, but may be hesitant to ask their attorney.

Areas of Interest - Information on the most frequently asked about legal issues is provided here. These topics will change periodically as new areas of law become more "popular."

Once again, if you have trouble finding information on the topic you need, please call our Customer Service Center at 800-382-2377. Most common topics are easily located in these libraries, so it is likely that your matter is more complicated and you will need to speak with a Plan Attorney, however, our Customer Service Specialists can help you locate what you need on the site if it as available.

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